Traditional African Wedding Ceremonies

Ghanaian Traditional Weddings

Unlike the “White Wedding” made popular in 1840 by Queen Victoria, the traditional Ghanaian Wedding Ceremony is celebrated with Vibrant Color.

After declaring the intent of marriage, the bride and the groom go through a comprehensive process before the final wedding ceremony and celebration.

Because both the bride and the grooms’ family is also to be intertwined there is an extensive research process that occurs to ensure that the tribe, clan and family are compatible.

There are eight traditional clans, with each one have their own attributes:

Aduana Clan: Hardworking, Clever and Brave

Agona Clan: Good Speakers

Asakuiri Clan: Beauty and Patience

Asenie Clan: Bravery & Diplomacy

Asona Clan: Extremely Wise

Bretuo Clan: Aggressive & Brave

Ekuona Clan: Uprightness & Justice

Oyoko Clan: Patience

Once the research is completed, the KoKooKo engagement event takes place. This is where the groom knocks on the door of the father of the bride to get a formal agreement to get married. Bearing gifts, he visits his potential in-laws accompanied by his own family. If his “knock” is accepted, the families celebrate and wedding planning begins.